Blessed be the Lord!

The following prayer was written by J.K. Wilhelm Loehe (1801-1872). Loehe was a pastor of the Lutheran Church, a theologian, writer, and is often regarded as being a founder of the deaconess movement in Lutheranism. The language of course is a little cumbersome, but it helps slow us down as we focus on the meaning of the prayer.  

Blessed be the Lord! He hath done wonderful things and blessed is His Holy Name, Who, now that the summer is past, has brought me in joy to behold the blessed autumn days. Lord, I am not worthy of all Thy goodness and mercy which Thou hast again showered upon me. Most humbly and heartily I beseech Thee, O Loving Father, turn away all dangerous storms and infectious diseases, and so bless me in my participation in Thy bounty, that with health of body, peace of mind, and a good conscience, I may thankfully enjoy Thy gifts, and use what Thou hast given me unto Thy glory, and the promotion of my fellowman’s happiness, and unceasingly bring to Thee acceptable fruits of my life. In these days of the ingathering of the vintage, let me rejoice in Him, Who alone truly treads the winepress, the beloved Redeemer, Jesus Christ. With the fading and falling leaf, cause me to remember my mortality, and to prepare while it is yet time for a blessed end; to leave this inconstant, passing world with joy, whenever it so pleases Thee; and to enter Thy glory, there, with angels and all the company of the elect, to evermore laud, praise and thank Thee for all Thy benefits. Amen.

Blessings in these autumn days,

The Rev. Ellen Meissgeier