Thursday of Easter 1

Cast all your anxiety on him because he cares for you. 1Peter 5:7 

Do not let anxiety, fear or boredom take away your peace. 

It already feels like April has had 7 weeks and it is only the 16th! 

One thing that has weighed heavily on me recently is the number of people we have all likely lost touch with or worse, are estranged from for one reason or another. I invite you to consider who those individuals are and then asked yourself, might this be a time to reach out and try to reconnect? Someone needs to make the first attempt, perhaps it’s you/me? You could write a note, make a call or send  a little gift…any attempt to say, ‘let’s move forward or I am sorry.’ We all know what is needed and where the divisions are. Most of us have some extra time on our hands, what better time to make peace or to renew a relationship? 

Ours is a God of relationships and the expectation is that we are in relationship with God and one another.  Make the effort, be the first to reach out; imagine what joy and peace might come from it!

Let us pray:

Heavenly Father, I do not know where to begin to start rebuilding a relationship with my estranged family member/ friend/neighbor.  I miss our relationship, I miss what we once shared but I know the damage of the past bears down on them and our relationship. I fear  reaching out to them and fear rejection. I pray for guidance to say the right things and courage to take the high road. Father, I know you want us to be together, renewed and forgiven and to show each other love, support and encouragement. I know I have failed you in the past. Today I begin to take the steps forward to fix this broken relationship and I only ask that you help wrap your loving arms around me during this endeavor of peacemaking or renewal.  Amen.

The Rev. Ellen Meissgeier