God is with you

I have long been a fan of author, Madeleine Le’Engle so when I saw this I decided to share it with everyone. Lately the question “Why is God letting this happen?” has been asked of me numerous times. In a way it is not an easy conversation to have because people want a “satisfactory” answer. Perhaps they want me to blame God or suggest that God is slacking on the job. But sometimes the answer to difficult questions is the most simple answer, in this case that God never promised bad things would not happen or that life would be easy or even fair. All I know for certain is that God promised never to leave us or forsake us. God promised to be with us in the midst of the pain and difficulties and I believe if we pay attention we will recognize the individuals God has sent our way to walk through the dark valleys with us. 

May you hold fast to God’s promises this Eastertide and know you are not alone.

Pastor Meissgeier