God sends us

Benjamin Franklin wrote: “Well done is better than well said.” 

You already know that the folks at Resurrection (you all) donated over 5,000 diapers when the need was announced. A second call for help went out asking for food and cars were loaded once again taking food to both Interfaith food cupboard in Roslyn and Feast of Justice in Mayfair. 

On Monday a call went out for more food, diapers and other supplies. Interfaith just informed us of a need for non-food items like dish liquid, sponges, shampoo, liquid hand soap and deodorant.  They may be generic or low cost brands. These are items that can’t be purchased on food stamps, but are needed by everyone.

We live in difficult times and some individuals and families struggle more than others. When folks ask God for help, God sends us!  Thanks for your continued care and generosity for those less fortunate. It was nice to see items have already been dropped off. 

Too often people tell me what they plan to do. You just go out and do it. Franklin was correct, “well done is better than well said!” 

Let us pray: 

Gracious God, remind us when we falter and fail that You uphold us. Through every heartache and need help us to trust that you will provide for us and when we are able to be the help for others that we may do it with generosity of spirit and love. We have only begun the process of healing both from a pandemic and a long history of racism and injustice; may we not lose sight of how far we have to go. Keep us ever mindful of the gifts we have been given to help others and  the privilege it is to serve others in Jesus name. Amen.

The Rev. Ellen Meissgeier