We need the Great Escape

The Wrinkle in Time in which we find ourselves these days feels like a Nightmare on Elm Street. It is as though something went Haywire and Fast and Furious it came giving us more than A Night to Remember.

Of course it doesn’t help that many of our leaders are Clueless, in fact it makes me want to Scream as I think about how many of the people I care about are Home Alone often Dazed and Confused. You know I am talking about the Usual Suspects although I know not to name them. What we need are a few more Goodfellas who are not so dependent on Hairspray and known to be Horrible Bosses.

 With all this going on, Suddenly, Last Summer means more to me than it ever did. That was when I could go for Breakfast at Tiffany’s or any other place I wanted to go with My Cousin Rachel and other close friends fondly known as The A Team. I don’t have Total Recall of all the things I did, but some of the events now seem like they were my Finest Hours.

 So far this pandemic has taken True Grit to navigate this Mission Impossible as we continue to keep The Space Between Us. At this point it seems Only The Brave will be able to stay Far From the Madding Crowd. I guess we will have to remain The Untouchables until someone with The Right Stuff comes along and sets us free. 

Until then, stay safe. 

The Rev. Ellen Meissgeier