Quiet as a Church mouse

As a child when going to church or any place where quiet was required I recall my mother instructing us that we better be as quiet as “church mice.”  As a child there was no mistaking what that meant. In later years I learned that the label “church mouse” also described an impoverished and quiet person.

Earlier today a volunteer and I took on the task of doing some decorating for our Christmas Eve virtual service. 

We wanted to use the candelabra so needed to be sure the candles were filled with oil. When I opened the cabinet where all things “churchy” are stored (candle oil, wine, communion wafers, and linens) I discovered tiny white plastic bits in the bottom of the cabinet. At first I had no idea what it was, but upon closer inspection it was discovered that it was in fact plastic pieces, so it appears that Resurrection has it’s very own church mouse! If you look closely at the photo you will see how the mouse carefully and diligently chewed along the lid of the communion wafer canister. Yes, it is time to switch to glass but I can’t help but wonder if even the church mouse misses communion? 

Just a reminder that there will be a brief service outdoors on the parking lot on December 24th at 4 o’clock in the afternoon. If you think you will need a chair bring one along. Depending on the temperature wear what will keep you warm. Masks are required and the Eucharist will be celebrated.