Happy Green Day

Perhaps you’ve received an announcement of some kind indicating that Montgomery County is now in the Green Phase. I was told some emails even say “Happy Green Day.” 

I am glad we have finally reached this milestone yet in all honesty I am still a bit skeptical. Sadly the skepticism is because I am already observing people thinking we are back to “normal,” back to the way things used to be. Nothing could be further from the truth, so please understand it merely means there is a little more flexibility for our daily lives. Masks are still a necessary requirement. Social distancing is still necessary. Washing your hands often is always a good practice. 

One important aspect of moving to green is the hope that it will allow the economy to strategically reopen and start the recovery process. Again, being mindful of public health is still a top priority. 

I mention all this as a reminder that I want you all to stay safe, especially as we work toward beginning  in-person worship soon. You will be hearing more about that in the next few days. 

I am thankful for three relaxing days away with perfect weather and a chance to do very little besides reading, long walks and a little food here and there. Ok, yes, there was that one glass of wine as well! 

It was good to be away and it is good to be back. Now I await the next “good to be back” with all of you at 620 Welsh Road.

Have a good night. 

The Rev. Ellen Meissgeier