Tuesday of Easter 2

From a sermon by Maximus of Turin, 5th Century. (pardon the use of male pronouns, it was written long before inclusive language was a thing!)

And so, my brethren, we ought all to rejoice on this holy day. No one should separate himself from the general rejoicing because he has sins on his conscience; no one should refuse to take part in public worship because of the burden of his misdeed. However great a sinner he may be, on this day he should not despair of pardon, for the privileges granted by this day are great. If a thief was thought worthy of paradise, why should not a Christian be thought worthy of forgiveness? 

I share those words from Maximus to remind you that it is still Easter! The Lord is Risen. Alleluia ~ He is risen Indeed. Alleluia ~ I can see him in your face! Another reason I share them is to say how valuable you are to those who know you and love you and that you indeed are worthy of forgiveness. 

When we have a lot of time on our hands to think, one can easily fall into pondering regrets of the past and feeling badly about them all over again. If the regrets are about sin or indiscretions weighing heavily on you talk to God and be confident in God’s forgiveness, then be assured, they are past, forgiven and forgotten. Move on and ponder instead the good you have done and received. Think about the good you can do today by making a call to someone who is alone, praying for our leaders and our world in these Covid-19 days, making a donation to your church or a charity above and beyond your regular offering. (Buy diapers for our current collection drive.)  Write a note, send a card pass on a favorite book that a neighbor could now enjoy. The point is think beyond yourself. We are all in this together! Thank you for staying the course in an effort to protect yourself and others. 

Miss you all,

The Rev. Ellen Meissgeier